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『ChiefHoard Corp.』was established in Taiwan in 2008, initially an agent of semiconductor components. Our product line includes: LCD, LCM, specific gas sensors; other agent products such as: diodes / IC / capacitors and related SMT Parts and components. We provide customers with an instant inventory query system, and provide fast delivery services to customers who need "rush orders on stock". In addition, we always maintain strict quality control on the products we ship, and provide customers with competitive quotations. Moreover, if the products have been discontinued, we provide services of suggesting substitutes for products.


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Gas sensor

PID sensor

In view of the diversification of technology products and frequent updates, customers also have urgent needs for the added value and functions of their own products. Therefore, in response to the needs of customers for rapid design, we have also begun to provide modular of functional modules. Our fields are including communication, electricity, Internet sensing, public security, medical and chemical gas detection. After accumulating sufficient experience and strength, we have developing our engineering team towards assisting industrial automation engineering and maintenance.


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