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    Alphasense is expanding its line of electrochemical toxic gas sensors to address industry-specific requirements, including emissions monitoring, process safety, environmental monitoring and VOCs. Ethylene Oxide (C2H4O)

    The ETO is a general purpose sensor, primarily developed for monitoring Ethylene Oxide but also capable of measuring other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our toxic evaluation board allows easy adjustment of the bias voltage to optimise this sensor for the required application.
    See application note AAN113.
    Available in A and B series

    Hydrogen (H2)
    The Hydrogen sensor has excellent ppm sensitivity for low concentrations to 2,000ppm H2. The very low sensitivity to CO makes this one of the most selective Hydrogen sensors on the market.
    As with all Hydrogen sensors, temperature compensation for sensitivity must be applied carefully.
    Available in A series.

    The HCL sensor also detects Hydrogen Bromide (HBr). These HCL sensors are zero biased for easier use.
    Available in A and B series.

    Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
    In manufacturing, the use of Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) for food packaging and other consumer products has increased the danger of HCN generated during fires. Alphasense has responded to this issue with HCN sensors with fast response and stable output.
    Available in A, B and D series.

    Phosphine (PH3)
    Our Phosphine sensors cover all hydrides: Silane (SiH4), Diborane (B2H6), Germane (GeH4) and Phosphine (PH3) for the semiconductor industry.
    We have also introduced the PH3-BE sensor specifically for food storage where higher concentrations of Phosphine are encountered.
    Available in A and B series.

    Ammonia (NH3)
    Our first family of Ammonia sensors. This sensor is designed for higher concentrations of Ammonia. Sensors for lower level detection are in development.
    Available in B series.

    Ozone (O3)
    The new O3-B4 measures Ozone at low ppb concentrations. Low sensitivity to SO2 and repeatable sensitivity to NO2.
    Available in B and soon in the A series.
    Future sensors will include Fluorine, Hydrogen Fluoride, Chlorine Dioxide, Phosgene and Formaldehyde

    Application notes

    Download Application Notes – see application notes for full details.

    Sensor Specification Summary

    Compare Alphasense Exotic sensors – sensor specification summary.

    Data sheets

    PH3-BE Compact, high concentration Data Sheet
    PH3-B1 Compact Data Sheet
    PH3-A1 Small Data Sheet
    OX-B431 Compact, 4-electrode, low ppb Data Sheet
    OX-A431 Small, 4-electrode, low ppb Data Sheet
    NH3-B1 Compact Data Sheet
    HCN-D4 Miniature Data Sheet
    HCN-B1 Compact Data Sheet
    HCN-A1 Small Data Sheet
    HCL-B1 Compact Data Sheet
    HCL-A1 Small Data Sheet
    H2-BF Compact Data Sheet
    H2-AF Small Data Sheet
    ETO-B1 Compact Data Sheet
    ETO-A1 Small Data Sheet
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