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    Alphasense Oxygen sensors use capillary flow control.

    Unlike partial pressure oxygen sensors, they have good pressure and temperature dependence, making them the best choice in safety applications. Standard galavanic sensors use lead for greatest reliability but fixed lifetime. The new LFO2-A4 lead free A-series sensor requires continuous biasing but offers longer lifetime.

    Sensors are available in three sizes:

    A: 20mm diameter, the industry standard size for portable gas detectors
    C: 20mm diameter, extra height allows additional filter material when measuring combustion gases
    G: Miniature, proven long-term performance. The sensors are designed for the next generation of portable gas detectors. Part of the Alphasense ‘D‘ family.

    Application notes

    Download Oxygen Application Notes – see application notes for full details.

    Sensor Specification Summary

    Compare Alphasense Oxygen sensors – sensor specification summary.

    Data sheets

    O2-G2 Low profile, 2 year Data Sheet
    O2-G1 Low profile, 1 year Data Sheet
    O2-C2 Combustion, 2 year Data Sheet
    O2-A3 Small, 3 year Data Sheet
    O2-A2 Small, 2 year Data Sheet
    O2-A1 Small, 1 year Data Sheet
    LFO2-A4 Lead Free, long life Data Sheet
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